The point is not see the lighting tecnology but to see the effect.
Light is vital, it needs to be functional, efficient, controllable
But at the same time we need light for our well-being, as a creator of colour, warmth and atmosphere. We offer the necessary process quality, flexibility and internationality to develop sustainable concepts that go far beyond trends. The work captures the very essence of the beauty of light in its magical interaction with shadows and its spatial dynamics. In this visual world, the boundaries of reality shift playfully beyond ordinary perception and allow surprising insights into the luminescent environments.

Our Services

Design process
Establishing the concept of lighting projects
Selecting perfect fittings convenient for the concept project
The design of daylight and artificial lighting
Planing the illumination and conceptualize the project
Arranging fixture specification files
The preparation of the fittings of the implementation details
Simulating the projects ( even in the project zone if necessary with our demo team )
Preparing advanced skill lighting calculations
Preparing the concept of electricity infrastructure
Creating the budget and quotation
Manufacture of custom designed fixtures
Specially designed fixtures produce
3d modeling of the lighting Project