One of the most prestigious lighting projects to have been completed in recent years’ is now open for business – since April 2015, the date of the city’s birthday, the ancient Imperial Forums in Rome have been illuminated in striking new light. The narrative lighting concept was implemented with ERCO lighting tools. It felt a bit like a movie premiere.

Project: Relighting of the Imperial Forums / Fori imperiali,
Rome / Italy
Lighting design: Vittorio Storaro, Rom / Italien; Francesca Storaro,
Castel Gandolfo / Italien
Photography: Vittorio Storaro, Rom / Italien (Bild 1, 3-4, 6-7, 10-11,
13) Frieder Blickle, Hamburg / Deutschland (Bild 2, 5, 8, 9, 12)
Place: Rom
Country: Italy

On the eve of April 21st, traditionally celebrated in Rome as the city’s official birthday, many VIPs gathered at the Fori Imperiali – as well as the mayor, the Minister of Cultural Affairs together with other invited guests, numerous  press and media representatives and around 35,000 Romans and tourists interested in the event came together for the event united in a common goal of experiencing the launch of the new lighting installation for these  ancient monuments. The project, which involves the extensive sites of the Imperial
Forums (extending across the Capitoline, Palatine and Quirinal hills), had come into existence on the initiative of the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, and courtesy of the  Sovrintendenza Capitoline (the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage in Rome). The lighting concept and its application were entrusted to Professor Vittorio Storaro and architect Francesca Storaro whilst the implementation was  supervised by Acea Illuminazione Pubblica Spa, the Italian company dealing with the management of public, functional, urban and artistic lighting and related installations. As night began to fall, and luminaires for these ancient monuments were switched on individually, accompanied with synchronised explanations by Vittorio und Francesca Storaro, the audience burst into spontaneous applause, fascinated by a scenographic feat that revealed the relics in an entirely new light.

Telling the story of Roman architecture with light
The ancient Imperial Forums in Rome are a prominent archaeological […]