The Gallerie di Piazza Scala (or Gallerie d’Italia – Piazza Scala) is a modern and contemporary museum in Milan, Italy.

Located in Piazza della Scala in the Palazzo Brentani and the Palazzo Anguissola, it hosts 195 artworks from the collections of Fondazione Cariplo with a strong representation of nineteenth century Lombard painters and sculptors, including Antonio Canova and Boccioni.

A new section was opened in the Palazzo della Banca Commerciale Italiana on October 25, 2012 with 189 art works from the twentieth century.

For the lighting of this precious artworks fulfilled museum ,ERCO Optec and Light Board are used.

The most characteristic feature of ERCO Light Board is its striking design. The flat housing integrates the control gear, as sophisticated thermal management ensures a long service life. Innovative photometrics and easy adjustment deliver convincing arguments for use of the Light Board even for challenging tasks in salesrooms and museums.

The Light Board concept includes special colour effects that are achieved with the varychrome RGBW luminaire, or else you can use white light to optimise the colour temperature of the light for the illuminated object. Light Board as a result is a strong partner for creative lighting concepts with efficient visual comfort.

Anything is possible with Optec. In versions with different light distributions, Optec covers the full bandwidth of lighting requirements in shops, galleries and museums – high-contrast accent lighting, floodlighting of exhibits, uniform illumination of walls, or sharp-edged beams for striking effects.

With innovative photometrics, Optec combines efficiency with visual comfort. To ensure excellent heat management and flawless performance.

ERCO has separated the light head and control gear, whilst, at the same time, the combination of cuboid and cylinder creates the visual impression of less volume and a classic design.