The discreet ceiling aperture of the Starpoint recessed spotlight conceals a master of accentuation and washlighting. Designed in a compact format, the luminaires are available with five different light distributions. As a versatile system, it allows the illumination of restaurant interiors, hotel rooms and homes, creating a wide variety of eye-catching features. With covered or flush mounting detail, the luminaire caters to different room situations.

Oval flood can be freely rotated

Lensler saha koşulları ve aydınlatma taleplerine göre kolay ayarlama sağlar, verilmek istenen ışık etkisine göre serbestçe döndürülebilir.

Küçük girinti derinliği

All round Spherolit oval flood lenses can be rotated freely allowing easy adjustment to site conditions and lighting demands.

Shallow recess depth

In tight mounting situations, every millimetre counts for the right recess depth of a luminaire. ERCO has therefore developed luminaires with a shallow recess depth to provide excellent light quality in areas with limited installation space.