Armani Silos in Milan celebrates 40 years of the italian fashion house

Italian fashion designer giorgio armani has opened a contemporary exhibition space. coined the ‘armani silos’, the public project seeks to illustrate the brand’s professional experience, while simultaneously showcasing new attitudes and lifestyles that capture changing times and cultures.

Originally constructed in 1950, the building measures around 4,500 square meters with a program spread across four levels.

‘I decided to call it silos because this building used to store food, which is, of course, essential for life. for me, just as much as food, clothes are also a part of life,’ explains giorgio armani – who personally conceived and oversaw the renovation.

A central staircase connecting the design passes through a vertical opening that allows guests climbing the stairs to perceive the building’s height and size.

There are lot of exhibitions, galleries, various collections.For each collection ,they use special lighting colours and effects with Erco spotlights.

The selection is organized on the basis of a number of themes that have influenced the designer’s creative work.

Daywear at ground level, exoticism on the first floor, and color schemes on the second storey. the third and uppermost level focus on the theme of light,specially with Erco products.

Fashion, which seems to want to live in an eternal present, needs to reflect on itself and its own roots in order to face the future. through this process of reflection fashion accompanies and often anticipates important social changes. remembering what we were like in the past can help us understand what we might be in the future.Galleries completed with perfect lighting using by ERCO products.