The Museu de Cultures del Món (Museum of World Cultures in Barcelona presents outstanding works from around the world in  medieval Catalan buildings. Architecture and art are set off perfectly thanks to the ERCO lighting tools Optec and Pollux.

A death mask from Ghana, a Buddha statue from Burma, an incense holder from Guatemala. Selected non-European ritualistic and everyday objects are cherished as sought-after collector’s items on the international art market. Compared to modern Western works though they are subject to other sets of rules. Because most objects are not signed they usually cannot be assigned to specific artists – their value is defined according to the collections that housed them. The Museu de Cultures del Món makes works from several renowned institutes such as the Folch Foundation and the Ethnological Museum Barcelona accessible to the interested public.

What objects say about cultures

The Museu de Cultures del Món serves as a platform for the  preservation, presentation and communication of the artistic heritage and knowledge of cultures from Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. The permanent exhibition shows a quintessential selection of around 500 works, such as an “Apa’apai” club from Polynesia which was brought to Europe in the 18th century by seafarer and explorer James Cook.

Temporary shows are also presented about scriptures for example and their role within their corresponding cultures. The entrance zone of the museum also has an area with free access that accommodates changing presentations, e.g. about the Indonesian shadow play Wayang Kulit.

A centuries-old building tastefully renovated

The Museu de Cultures del Món is located on the Carrer de Montcada, a road renowned for historic buildings. The museum itself is housed in the Casa Nadal and Casa Marquès de Llió, buildings with histories stretching over many hundreds of years. The Nadal House was designed as a medieval palace with an inner courtyard, a gallery on the first floor and a facade with […]