Our Human Resources Policy as Paarla City Solutions, to join the competencies of the staffs with the jobs requirements in common point and to create a villing and determined team

The things we care about to achieve this goal;

  • Follow an open-minded and participatory management policy
  • No matter how strong our other resources are, we are aware that we will have access to quality with human resources we have. In this way, the motivation and adaptation environment in which the creativity of the employees can be used is provided.


Our aim in recruitment process;

is to work with individuals who develop themselves, their team and their company, and follow technological developments. While continuing to add educated and specialized professionals to our family, we are choosing people who are tied to their work, who have values ​​and business ethics that we believe to be the in organization, who are successful in human relations and who has strong communication skills.

All incoming applicants are carefully examined and eligible candidates are interviewed with the Human Resources Department and the Department Manager. Job proposals are offered to candidates whose process is evaluated as positive.


The competency based performance evaluation system was created by Paarla City Solutions Human Resources Department in order to measure, evaluate and improve the performance of employees and with the flexibility to meet various needs. The evaluations are carried out twice a year, including midterm and year-end.

Once the performance evaluation results are determined by a rigorous study, the strengths and the aspects to be developed to improve the performance of the employee are shared with him / her.

Performance Evaluation results provides input to  remuneration management, career planning and talent management.


We care about career expectations and personal evolution of employees. In the direction of their own career ;

The career steps of each employee are determined within the framework of potential analysis and performance evaluation results. General career maps are created.


With our talent management system that supports potential education and development opportunities, it is our primary goal to bring those who can make a difference to the Paarla City Solutions family through managerial development programs and to prepare our members for the management staff to bring the company to the future.

One of the most important elements determining our image that makes a difference in the sector is that our employees, and therefore investments for our employess in education, awareness and development that we make for our own future.


If you would like to be a part of Paarla City Solutions and its affiliated group companies and be a part of our well-to-do family, you can send your CV’s to [email protected].

The CV’s you submit are only considered with confidentiality purposes by the Paarla City Solutions Human Resources Department for all open positions and any positions that may occur in the future.