SALTWATER: A Theory of Thought Forms. 14. Istanbul Biennial. looks for where to draw the line, to withdraw, to draw upon, and to draw out. It does so offshore, on the flat surfaces with our fingertips but also in the depths, underwater, before the enfolded encoding unfolds. In a city-wide project on the Bosphoros that considers different frequencies and patterns of waves, the currents and densities of water, both visible and invisible, that poetically and politically shape and transform the world.

The 14th Istanbul Biennial takes at least three days to visit fully. Works by over 80 participants from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America, are displayed in over thirty venues on the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus. SALTWATER takes place in museums as well as temporary spaces of habitation on land and on sea such as boats, hotels, former banks, garages, gardens, schools, shops and private homes.

Francis Alys,Sonia Balassanian,Bracha Ettinger,Nguyen Huy An,Marilou Lemmens&Richard Ighby,Marcos Lutyens,Susan Philipzs,Georgia Sagri,Grace Schwindt,Andrew Yang,Meriç Algün Ringborg,Aslı Çavuşoğlu,Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo are the artists who present art works.We as PAARLA, reviewed art works detailed and paid attention for special requests during our meeting with artists to provide a succesful  lighting concept.We put forth the artworks by idealising light with shadows and dynamics in space.

İstanbul Bienali - Aydınlatma danışmanı ve sponsoru Paarla

Paarla is honoured to be the lighting consultant and sponsor for 14th Istanbul Biennial. We are looking forward to see you  there.