Corten is a certain class of carbon steel that is oxidized. It can be also called as rusted steel or weathered steel. In simple terms; the steel is allowed to rust and that rust forms a protective coating which slows the rate of future corrosion.
The advantage of corten is; for years, because of its dark brown oxide layer, it does not need to have expensive treatments or painting to prevent erosion. It also shows high resistance to weather conditions like rain, snow, ice, fog etc. The worn, unique look has made it a material that stands out in today’s design, architecture world. Due to its durable and natural surface, it has become particularly preferred in many architectural projects.

Louis Poulsen Corten @Paarla

A Minimalist design with the use of corten

Bystrup is an architectural office based on Denmark. It has designed an illumination for Louis Poulsen. The designer Erik Bystrup described his design as; “The shape is created by the constructive logic of nature as a starting point. The shade of the lamp is growing from the cold steel trunk like a stilistic tree top. A filigran pattern that copies the beautiful bare trees in winter time, while carefully carrying a disc of life-bringing light.

The illumination design itself merges with corten steel and reveals a minimalist, unique appearance.

Louis Poulsen Nest@Paarla